17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (2022)

If you're looking to add a bit of style and color to your table, one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to achieve that effect is with a table runner. These decorative additions can add elegance to any space, but if you're not so crafty or don't want to spend money on supplies, you may be hesitant about making one yourself. Luckily for us, plenty of free patterns are available online to help you create stylish runners in no time! Transform simple materials into beautiful table runners. From free quilting patterns to free crochet table runner patterns, you can create a custom runner to suit your home decor style by mixing and matching your favorite stitches, colors, and fabrics.

Free Table Runner Patterns for Every Season

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (1)

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to break out your table runner patterns and dress up your dining room. As you're probably aware, there are dozens of ways out there that you can buy, but sometimes it just doesn't make sense to spend the money on something you can create yourself. These projects below range from simple to intricate—perfect for someone searching for a quick DIY project or someone who wants an arts and crafts project they'll finish. All of these patterns are free! Make your tables look beautiful with these free table runner patterns. They're great for entertaining and can also be used for various events. From everyday dinners to festive holiday gatherings, have fun creating unique designs with your favorite fabrics!

These 17 free table runner patterns will save you time and help you make your next special occasion even more enjoyable.

Tips To DIY Table Runner Patterns

Table runners are a great way to add a pop of color, pattern, and texture to your tabletop. They're also straightforward to make. All you need is some fabric, a sewing machine, and basic sewing skills. Here are a few tips for DIY table runner patterns:

1. Pick the suitable fabrics: When choosing fabric for your table runner, you should consider three things: the colors of your dining room furniture and decor; the season (you might not want to use heavy winter fabrics in summer); and how many people will be sitting at the table. If it's just you or two people, it's okay to go with something more casual and less formal than if six people were eating at the table daily.

2. Cut according to size: If you want your table runner pattern on one side of the fabric only, make sure that when you cut out pieces for that side of the runner, they fit together nicely, so there isn't any wasted space in between them when they're sewn together later on down the line!

3. Iron before sewing anything together: You don't want wrinkles showing up after all that hard work getting everything lined up perfectly straight before starting sewing time!

Burlap Table Runner With Tassels

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This table runner is a beautiful piece of decor for your home and will add some farmhouse style to your dining table, kitchen island, or even bookshelves. If you are going for an instant rustic and country look, this project is perfect! This table runner is ideal for your kitchen, dining room, or coffee shop. It features a beautiful farmhouse-style design and doesn't require any sewing. The best part? It only takes about 20 minutes to make with our easy step-by-step instructions.


Valentine’s Day Table Runner

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (3)

This Valentine's Day table runner is the perfect decoration for your romantic This Valentine's Day table runner is the ideal way to spruce up your table setting. With a cute design of hearts all over, this romantic runner adds a touch of romance to any romantic dinner date with your loved one. This Valentine's Day table runner is perfect for dressing up your dinner table. Featuring cute hearts all over it and high-quality cloth adds character and charm to the romantic dinner you are hosting or going to. Dinner with your soul mate. With red hearts all over it, this rectangular runner will mark that special occasion.


Jelly Roll Table Runner

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (4)

Sometimes you want to do something special with your projects. If you have a jelly roll piece, use it uniquely to make this table runner. It's perfect for any occasion—from holiday feasts to everyday meals. It features three contrasting fabrics so that your table will be dressed up a little differently each time you use it. You don't even have to use this idea for a table runner! You can substitute it for the fabric on the picture frame band or the tray's bottom. The sky is the limit when you start using those jelly roll pieces differently than the book says!


Shamrock Table Runner For St.patrik’s Day

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (5)

Does your home need a little luck? How about bringing some to the table with this shamrock table runner for St. Patrick's Day? Soft rectangular green textile runner featuring three shamrocks and "Luck of the Irish." This festive item will be an all-around hit for your guests at your party celebrating this holiday! Skip the green beer and pour yourself a tall glass of Irish tea with this st. Pat's table runner! You can add some St. Patrick's Day flair to your favorite holiday!


Candy Stripes Table Runner For Christmas

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (6)

This Candy Stripes Table Runner For Christmas is exactly what you need to make your holiday table look festive and beautiful. This rectangular table runner combines classic candy stripes with various holiday designs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere at your home. This candy cane-style table runner is the perfect addition to your holiday table. The bright stripes are accented with classic Santa, reindeer, and snowflake designs, making it a decorative piece that adds color and fun to any dinner.


Jingle Jolly Table Runner

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (7)

Celebrate the season's spirit with this jingle (and jolly) holiday table runner. Quilted in red, green, and cream plaid with a festive patchwork pattern, the runner adds a festive mood to your dining table. The size is perfect for cutting down on those holiday tablecloth washing loads! The party table is ready for the holidays. Whether saving this festive table runner throughout the year or decking your space in green garland and red bows, this merry design works on many levels. It finishes off your holiday table, then transforms with a simple switch of décor back to the everyday.


Easy Strips Quilt Table Runner

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The Easy Strips Quilt Table Runner is a fun, fast, and easy-to-sew quilt project. It's got an eye-catching color that makes it lively yet neutral enough that you can showcase your favorite fabrics. An added touch of metallic thread adds to its charm. The Easy Strips Quilt Table Runner is an easy and fun project to create a colorful, vintage-feel table runner. Stitch together strips of fabric with half-square triangles sewn in to create a border around the edges. Fanciful, bright colors will pop off variegated fabrics! From tan to blue and green, and even rosy pink and purple, this runner is sure to delight!


Easy Christmas Table Runner

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (9)

Don't let your table be boring this Christmas. Instead, jazz it up with this beautiful and festive table runner. It's the perfect accent for a holiday get-together or winter-themed party. The hexagon shape makes it very versatile, so you can use it for various occasions such as Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, and other events throughout the year! It is the perfect addition to your holiday table! It features vibrant colors and a unique hexagon shape and is a must-have for any hostess who loves to throw a special touch to their decor.


Merry Cheer Christmas Table Runner Pattern

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (10)

Cheer up your day with the Merry Cheer Christmas Table Runner. It is perfect for any occasion, season, and color! The table runner features a modern Christmas tree in the middle and lots of snowflakes, trees, and presents in the background. The only thing missing is Santa himself! It's adorable, festive, and all about holiday cheer. The colors are bright and fun, the design elements are cute, and the overall effect is a joyous celebration! If you love this pattern and want to make it even more significant, follow our instructions to expand it into a full-size quilt by mirroring the pieces.


Easy 1 Yd, 5 Minute Table Runner

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (11)

If you want to decorate your table creatively but are short on time, this table runner is ideal! It's fast and can be finished in five minutes. You only need a yard of fine fabric, some pins, scissors, and a rotary cutter/mat. This runner is also easy to care for — simply machine or hand wash cold — and even easier to make multiple runners if you're serving a large crowd! You can have your table ready for company in no time with this easy table runner project. All it takes is a single yard of fabric and five minutes — not to mention a cute hexagon design.


Summertime Table Runner

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (12)

If you're a fan of summer, you'll love this Summertime Table Runner! It's designed to look like a watermelon slice with seeds. Make your dining room look like summer without needing to use it during the warmer seasons! Add summertime fun to your table in the middle of winter with this watermelon slice patterned table runner. The colors are bright and cheerful, and the pattern is so realistic that you'll have to warn your guests not to take a bite!


Tree Trunk Christmas Table runner

This table runner is a bit unusual, but it immediately attracts attention. Once somebody sees it, they want to know where to get a similar one. That's why we've decided to put the motif as a product that everybody can use – as a table runner or wall decoration for Christmas! The pattern is so famous that people even call it Christmas Tree Runner and use it for decorations around the house. Add a splash of color to your table with this festive quilt runner. The runner features a white base with Christmas trees in red and green on it. Perfect for the holidays!

Easter Quilted Table Runner

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (13)

This beautiful table runner is perfect for the Easter holiday but looks great all year round. This advanced project has a beautiful design that features chickens standing on a grass field and would make an excellent gift for someone special in your life. This project is a little more advanced than the others, but if you have the skills, this table runner will be a showstopper during Easter meals. It features a rectangular shape with a beautiful design of a chicken family standing together on a grass field.


Pumpkin Table Runner

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (14)

This table runner is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving or Halloween table. With three adorable pumpkins across its length, you'll look forward to falling each year with this gorgeous runner on display. Create a fall-themed table display with our Pumpkin Table Runner! Made of black fabric, it features three adorable pumpkins that complement its classic black background. This table runner can be made in just 20 minutes, perfect for a Halloween-themed table or Thanksgiving dinner. This stylish runner combines your love of pumpkins with your love of Thanksgiving. Display it as a decoration at your following autumn table setting, or use it as a placemat for your guests at Thanksgiving dinner.


No Sew Geometric Table Runner

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Looking for a fashionable, classy centerpiece table runner? Look no further! Our Minimalistic Table Runner is handmade, and hand cut precisely to give you that modern, minimalist look. This durable table runner will blow your mind with the minimalistic design and elegant fabric options, so you can easily create an excellent setting for any occasion. No Sew Geometric Table Runner is the perfect geometric pattern for minimalists, perfect for giving as a gift or for yourself. It's a modern feel and can be used to dress up your kitchen table, dining room table, or any table.

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Friendship Braid Table Runner

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The Friendship Braid Table Runner will add a touch of your style to your table setting. The grid of color blocks creates a striking design, offset by the green or brown border around it. The braids go from the center outward, forming an elongated hexagon shape. Make two of these and use them together for maximum effect! Make a statement on your table with this double-sided table runner. The fabric is lovely quilting cotton, with a heart design braiding in green or brown from the center and a border around them. Use two of these together for extra impact!


Hexagon Table Runner

17 Free Table Runner Patterns For Special Occasion (17)

Personalize your table with this personalized fabric hexagon table runner. This unique, updated take on the classic hexagon tablecloth will add some flair to your next party or event. Ideal for the food lover in your life, it will make an excellent gift for birthdays and holidays. This is a complex but beautiful creation made of many small hexagons sewn together to create an elongated hexagon. This table runner is perfect for any special occasion celebration and will surely enhance the look of your dining table. Suits any color scheme you have going on!


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