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If you’re looking for ideas of the best wedding gown to pick for your big day, this is the post for you. This post features our picks of the latest wedding gown styles in Nigeria. No matter your budget or style preference, I’m sure you’ll find your own wedding gown style in this post.

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Bridal gown shopping is stressful but it becomes easier if you had visual ideas and pictures of the best bridal styles to try on before you even visit the bridal shops.In this post, you’ll see different wedding gown styles from high-profile and celebrity Nigerian weddings.

This post is divided into 2 parts, first you’ll see 19 beautiful wedding gown styles photos and then a video with over 50 more pictures. Now, let’s dive straight into it – our favourite wedding gown looks Nigerian brides are choosing for their white weddings.

1. Beautiful Fitted Wedding Gowns with Detachable OverSkirt

70 Latest Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria 2022 (Pictures) - NaijaGlamWedding (1)

  • Above left: Off-shoulder long sleeve fitted lace wedding gown with detachable over-skirt style train and tattoo lace sleeves. The detachable skirt gives the illusion of a ball gown, and when it’s removed the dress transforms into a different look, a fitted dress that can be worn as a reception gown.
  • Above right: Gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo, in her modestly elegant long sleeve fit-and-flare wedding gown with top round neck and a ruffle overskirt that flows out into a floor-sweeping train behind. See all Mercy Chinwo’s wedding lookshere.

2. Stylish Draped Off-Shoulder Sheath Style Wedding Gowns

70 Latest Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria 2022 (Pictures) - NaijaGlamWedding (2)

  • Above left: Off-the-shoulder satin sheath wedding gown featuring a draped neckline, thigh-high side slit and a full detachable overskirt that gives the dress the illusion of a ball wedding gown. After the church ceremony, this convertible dress easily transforms into a sexy second look to make a sexy wedding reception dress.
  • Above right: Nollywood actress, Ini Dima in her sleek off-the-shoulder sheath-style fitted wedding gown featuring a puffy diagonally draped bodice and side draping. The gown flows into a floor-weeping, soft cathedral train behind. See all Ini Dima’s wedding looks here.

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3. Stunning Sweetheart Neckline Off-Shoulder Wedding Gowns

70 Latest Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria 2022 (Pictures) - NaijaGlamWedding (3)

  • Left: Sexy mermaid gown with off-shoulder straps and a sweetheart neckline.
  • Middle: Off-shoulder A-Line wedding gown with fitted bodice (top) and a flowy chiffon skirt
  • Right: Off-Shoulder satin mermaid gown with plunging illusion neckline and a full flare at the knees

4. Elegant Fit-and-Flare Wedding Gowns

70 Latest Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria 2022 (Pictures) - NaijaGlamWedding (4)

  • Above left: Long sleeved mermaid wedding dress with full lace top
  • Right: Satin fit-and-flare wedding gown with lace top and cap sleeves and a flowy sheer overskirt that doubles as the dress train.

5. Pristine Wedding Jumpsuits for Brides (Instead of Wedding Gown)

70 Latest Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria 2022 (Pictures) - NaijaGlamWedding (5)

(Video) 2022 Nigerian Wedding Dresses | 25 Best African Wedding Gowns Styles And Designs 2022

  • Above left: Wedding jumpsuit with a sheer see-through long-sleeve, and soft pleated flowing chiffon overskirt | Credit: @sheinofficial online store
  • Middle: This bride looks effortlessly elegant in her sleek white satin bridal jumpsuit featuring a cross-shoulder one-hand draped bodice. | Credit: @felixcrown photography
  • Right: Nollywood actress, Ini Dima Okojie wore this two-piece strapless white bridal trouser suit for her civil wedding. You can see all Ini Dima-Okojie’s wedding looks here. | Credit: @inidimaokojie

More Nigerian brides are choosing to wear bridal jumpsuits for their civil wedding ceremony, after-party and even for their wedding reception. White jumpsuits are a perfect alternatives to traditional wedding gowns, and became popular during the pandemic. The wedding jumpsuit trend was embraced by brides who had a minimalistic lockdown weddings. We love that white jumpsuit for brides give a crisp, refreshing and modern vibe.

6. Gorgeous Wedding Ball Gowns with Different Top Details

70 Latest Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria 2022 (Pictures) - NaijaGlamWedding (6)

  • Above top: Off-shoulder princess wedding gown with lace top/ bodice that leads to a layered chiffon skirt
  • Centre: Long sleeve wedding Ball Gown with an Illusion lace top featuring a sweetheart neckline details
  • Above Right: Boat neck long sleeve satin wedding Princess Gown

7. Strapless Ball Gown with Tiered Skirt and Fancy Back Detail

70 Latest Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria 2022 (Pictures) - NaijaGlamWedding (7)

Above: Celebrity makeup artist, Anita Adetoye known as Anita Brows, in her romantic satin wedding ball gown that features a strapless sweetheart neckline, asymmetric softly layered skirt and a fancy big bow at the back. This dress is perfect for a princess/ fairy-tale themed wedding. See the best wedding guest looks at Anita Brows wedding.

70 Latest Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria 2022 (Pictures) - NaijaGlamWedding (8)

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Wedding Gown Styles Shopping is Easier When You Have a Rough Idea of Styles to Try On

There are many wedding gown styles in the markets and each one is specifically designed for some type of women’s body.

Choosing the best wedding gown that will flatter your figure and/ or hide some the areas you want to stay out of focus (such as a big tummy, fat rolls, fat arms) is the reason why brides spend a lot of time when buying their bridal gown.

Aside from looking pretty for yourself, you also want your groom to fall in love with your wedding dress. Your dress is one of the surprises your guy looks forward to on your big day.

Believe it or not, we’ve heard grooms reveal that they were disappointed with their bride’s dress the moment they first sighted her on the wedding day.

So, start early to find the right wedding gown style and ensure to have an idea of dress styles to try when you go shopping. Hopefully, the gallery of the latest wedding gown pictures featured above can help you find the right dress you’ll never regret buying.

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What’s Your Wedding Gown Style?

If you are in the middle of choosing a wedding dress, the above video and images of the latest Nigerian wedding gown styles in the video above gave you ideas on the dress styles to try on when you go dress shopping.

Finally, be sure to think of how you want your groom to see you look and how you want your grooms to feel the first time he sights you in that outfit.

That’s all on the latest wedding gown styles in Nigeria. If you like this post, help us share it on social media. Thanks in advance!

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Which of the featured wedding gown styles are you likely to say ‘yes’ to? Comment down below to tell me.

Photo Credits:

  • Cover Photo: wedding gown: @elizabethandlacebridal & photographer: @klalaphotography (left) | wedding gown: @elizabethandlacebridal & photographer: @ralphgeonzonphotography (middle) | wedding dress: @yemishoyemi & bouquet: @adelasflowers (right) | images via Instagram
  • Image 1: @elizabethandlacebridals/ Instagram
  • Image 2: @inidimaokojie (image on right)
  • Image 3: @jk.studios and bride is Angel, Comedian funnyboneofficial’s wife (left) | @mercychinwo (right)
  • Image 4: @anitabrows
  • Image 5: @bridesnmoreikeja (left) | @bedgepictures (middle) | @georgeokoroweddings (right)
  • Image 6: @shutterwavephotography


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