Bridal Lehenga Shopping Online - Designer Bridal Lehenga with Prices (2023)

A bridal lehenga is the much sought-after traditional attire that is worn by Indian girls on the day of their wedding. Therefore, it is important for most brides to ensure that their dulhan lehenga is perfect. Various sources form an inspiration for Indian brides to keep in touch with the latest trends including the flared lehenga, fish-cut lehenga, double dupatta style, ruffle lehenga, etc. This charming piece of clothing can also be worn at many other occasions other than the wedding, reception and engagement. Girls also tend to wear lehengas during festive seasons, parties, get-together and other various ceremonies.

How soon should I start my bridal shopping?

Ideally, a girl must start her bridal shopping about 6 months before the wedding. This gives the bride ample time to look at all the wedding lehenga options she has- be it a direct purchase or custom-made. If the girl chooses to wear a custom-made designer ensemble i.e. a designer bridal lehenga, she must order it at least 3 months prior the wedding day, to ensure timely delivery and the right fit.

Which are the best designers for bridal lehengas?

WedMeGood gallery brings some of the finest designers and their latest bridal lehenga designs right at your fingertips. You can get connected to these designers quickly, from your home, without visiting the store. Their main objective is to ease up and help people plan their special day perfectly by getting their dream lehenga at their doorstep from the designers.

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What are the different kinds of lehenga styles?

The different types of lehenga styles include the following:

  • Flared lehenga: The most ever-green style of Indian bridal lehenga is a flared Lehenga with shimmer and shine. This can be found in two famous types of Lehengas namely the Anarkali and Umbrella Lehengas.

  • Fish-cut: The other classic style is the fish-cut lehengas that are a bit skinny along the knees but flared below it.

  • Lehenga Saree: Another trendy set of designs that are opted by Indian brides are the exquisite lehenga saree designs.

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  • Lehenga with trails: This is an iconic style of lehenga that is commonly featured in Bollywood movies. This type of lehenga has long or extended flares that leave a dramatic mark while walking.

  • Ruffled lehenga: This is a rather unique lehenga design. The lehenga is gracefully decorated with frills of laces either completely or below the knees.

Therefore, brides have countless wedding lehenga designs to choose from.

How to choose a bridal lehenga?

You can choose either a traditional attire or a more modern one, depending on the preferences. Other than that, you can also look for inspiration from different designers, magazines, and fashion shows. Here are a few ways of choosing your favourite bridal lehenga:

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  • Rejection Method: If you don’t know what to choose, you may know what not to choose. The list of lehengas can shrink once you start rejecting lehengas by focusing on their flaws like non-appealing colours, design patterns, etc. Brides can easily select their wedding lehenga, using this method.
  • Professional Help: You can take suggestions from professional designers that suits the bride’s tastes in factors like color, height, style, skin complexion, etc. Even contrasting jewelry must be looked after while finalizing ideal designer bridal lehenga. WMG Gallery offers more than a thousand bridal lehengas and dressing options that you can live stream for a complete experience.

How much do wedding lehengas cost?

A dulhan lehenga can range anywhere from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 4 lakhs or more depending on factors like size, style, designer, customization, and others.

What colors are trending for bridal lehenga?

Even though all colours beautify a traditional bridal lehenga, the red bridal lehenga is the most favorite lehenga of all times.

  • Traditional Shades: Choosing a dark coloured lehenga is always wise as it easily beautifies the girl’s skin tone. Colours like red, maroon, violet, blue and warm colors like orange are highly preferred by Indian brides.

  • Pastel Shades: Many celebrities have started wearing newer shades like champagne gold, pink or salmon rose, ivory, grey, and more. These are further adorned with gota work, zari, and self designs.

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What are the latest wedding lehenga designs for this wedding season?

The traditional red bridal lehenga with gold embroidery is an evergreen design. However, some of the latest trends have also made their place in the hearts of Indian brides including floral designs on light colored lehengas and minimal designs on plain dark coloured lehengas. Other popular design that is even worn by celebrities is the self-colored thread work lehenga generally in dark shades of red, maroon, violet and blue.

Where can I buy designer bridal lehengas online?

You can browse thousands of wedding outfits from the WedMeGood bridal gallery. The WedMeGood gallery lists some of the best designers in the country with the latest collections. Brides can easily view bridal lehenga images that have the trendiest designs ranging from the most elegant to the most fashionable and finalize their lehenga.

Can I buy designer bridal lehengas online?

Yes, now you can buy designer bridal lehengas online at the recently launched WedMeGood gallery. The gallery has listed countless number of wedding outfits by some of the finest designers that work on the most intricate that a bridal lehenga is all about. Visitors can view the latest bridal lehenga designs on this website to choose from. Numerous filters allow you to ease your search through the huge list of designer bridal lehengas. You can also get in touch with the designers to design your dulhan lehenga as per your requirements.

How to style bridal lehenga in different ways?

There are many ways that one can style their bridal lehenga to look different from the traditional outlook:

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  • Double Dupatta: Using two dupattas is the easiest way to a new look that will stand the bride out from the crowd. One can be draped over the head giving the bride her traditional look while the other goes over on her shoulders.
  • Wear a Jacket: This is the one of the most trending fashions of today. A long ethnic jacket over the two-piece instead or with a dupatta can beautify your lehenga unlike any other.
  • Lehenga Saree: This fusion of a lehenga saree where a 5-meter-long saree that highlights the lehenga is truly fashionable. The draped part of the saree here acts as the dupatta.
  • Modifying the blouse: Apart from the traditional blouse design, a bride can be creative to style her wedding lehenga choli look by modifying her “choli” or the blouse. She can go backless, refashion the straps, sleeves, neck, and even enlarge the hem of the blouse like the Anarkali style.

On what all occasions can I one wear a lehenga?

While a bridal lehenga is worn by a bride on her big day, other elegant lehengas can be worn on various occasions like mehendi, haldi function, engagement, reception. Even if it’s not your wedding, you fulfill your desire to wear a lehenga on someone else’s wedding. Indian culture revolves around loads of festivals which allow girls to wear a lehenga. Other personal occasions like parties, get-to-gather may also demand such trendy fashion clothing.

If I am an NRI bride, how can I buy bridal lehenga from India?

We understand that it can be difficult for some of the soon-to-be-brides to choose their dream outfit from outside of India. WedMeGood comes with a solution. Now, NRI brides can browse thousands of designs for wedding lehenga choli or lehenga saree and much more at the WMG Gallery. You can directly connect with some of the exceptional designers one-on-one through WMG and let them design your costumes as per your requirements and get it shipped at your doorstep.


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