How to Make Embroidered Shirts in 2022 - Best Guide Ever (2023)

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to customize your clothing, consider embroidering a design onto a shirt. Embroidered shirts are ideal for special occasions, as gifts, or simply as a way to show off your personality and style.

With a few basic supplies and some simple stitching skills, you can easily create an embroidered shirt that’s sure to turn heads.

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How to Make Embroidered Shirts

How to Make Embroidered Shirts in 2022 - Best Guide Ever (1)

One of the best ways to enjoy embroidered shirts is by wearing them to work. Why? Because at work, you’ll be working with other people’s clothes. And that’s a great way to create community.

By working with other people’s clothes, you’re able to learn about their careers, what they love about their jobs, and more. It also allows you to get a little closer to the product you’re wearing.

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There’s a lot of information out there about how to make embroidered shirts. They’re a great way to get started if you’re unfamiliar with them. Start by looking at some of the recipes to see if they sound there.

Once you have a basic understanding, head to the grocery store and buy some fabric. Once you have the fabric, you can start working with it; let’s Start…

Recommended Embroidery Machine types for Shirts

1. Embroidery-only machines are specialist machines that are limited to machine embroidery and cannot sew straight lines or other stitches.

2. Embroidery and Sewing Combo – This is the machine I have, and it is capable of both embroidery and sewing.

3. Multi-needle Embroidery – These feature many needles, which allows you to load several thread colors and thread them into the numerous needles while embroidering a pattern. The machine may then continue stitching in all colors without pausing to change colors.

Best Embroidery Machine for Shirts

There’s a new, fantastic machine that’s becoming increasingly popular each year. The Embroidery Machine has been around for a few years now in 2022, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular machines on the market.

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Step By Step Guide To Make Embroidered Shirts

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When it comes to making embroidered shirts, a few tips are perfect for the individual. The steps are to find a step-by-step guide to help you with the process. Once you have a plan for the shirt, follow these basic steps to make it perfect.

A Word of Advice Before You Begin

If a template is necessary to envision the design’s positioning, embroider it on two layers of Cutaway stabilizer. Trim around the pattern and reposition it to ensure proper size, placement, and even thread color choices.

Step 1


Choose the embroidery design for the t-shirt. Stitching almost any pattern is possible, whether a filled embroidered design or an appliqué embroidery design. The majority of embroidery machines come pre-programmed with configurations.

Additionally, you may purchase or download a machine embroidery design from the internet. Ascertain that the pattern you get is in the proper file format and resolution for your embroidery machine.

When you purchase a design, could you save it to your computer? Because most embroidery machines utilize a USB stick, transfer the design to the USB and load it into the embroidery machine.

Step 2


Choose the necessary thread colors to finish the embroidered pattern. While most designs have suggested color numbers, I prefer to choose colors from my stash of embroidery threads.

Prepare your cables by arranging them in the sequence of sewing. A convenient egg carton may be reused as a thread holder.

Step 3


Please take note of the orientation of the design as it is loaded into the embroidery machine. The hoop must be positioned correctly on the t-shirt; otherwise, the embroidered design will be sewn incorrectly.


Because the method utilized in this presentation was rotated to the side, the hoop had to be put horizontally. If your embroidery design is oriented vertically, position your hoop vertically.

Step 4


Cut the sticky-backed stabilizer slightly more significantly than the circumference of the hoop. The stabilizer should be trapped in the hoop to prevent the t-shirt from shifting or stretching during embroidery.

Turn the t-shirt inside and place a self-adhesive tear-away stabilizer over the embroidery and hooping area. Once the stabilizer is in place, reverse the shirt to the right side.

Step 5


To locate the shirt’s center, we’ll fold it in half and align the arms and sides. We’re going to press a crease along the folded edge of the fabric. This crease will be used to locate the shirt’s center when we pull it on.

Step 6


Arrange the shirt horizontally on the table. The crease should be evident in the shirt’s central front. Insert the outer hoop beneath the region to be hooped in the shirt.

Align the hoop straight down the crease using the markers on the middle of the hoop and the guidance on the template. Ascertain that the measuring tape is aligned correctly using your measure tape.

Once the hoop is positioned, push it into the lower hoop. T-shirts with embroidered graphics are often put on the upper part of the garment.

Step 7


Before embroidering on the garment, the back must be removed. Otherwise, the shirt’s front and back will be sewed together. Roll the shirt’s back and any excess fabric up and around the hoop to keep them out of the embroidered area.

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Tuck the shirt’s arms in so they don’t get trapped in the stitching. Assemble the hoop such that the back is entirely free of the fabric, and the front has a clear opening for the design to be embroidered on the shirt.

Step 8


Connect the embroidery hoop to the embroidery machine. Finally, verify the orientation of your design and the direction in which the t-shirt was hooped to ensure that the design will be sewn right side up.

Check the location of the embroidered design on the t-shirt to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome. Depending on the size of the design of the hoop, you may be able to make minor tweaks to the design’s positioning before sewing the embroidery on the t-shirt.

If your design is thick and needs further stabilizing, slip the other tear-away or cut away the stabilizer beneath the hoop immediately. Reduce the stabilizer to a size that allows it to be slipped beneath and captured by the stitches.

Step 9


Stitch the embroidery design stages in the order specified by the pattern, changing thread colors after each step. Each color change will cause the embroidery machine to come to a halt.

Step 10


Remove the hoop from your machine once the embroidered design is entirely stitched. Remove the embroidered t-shirt from the embroidery hoop.

Tear away the stabilizer carefully from the design’s perimeter. Trim any excess cutaway stabilizer that was utilized around the structure.


The final embroidered t-shirt is now ready to wear. Create machine-embroidered t-shirts for family and friends with ease. Consider giving them as presents!

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Conclusion – How to Make Embroidered Shirts

Lay a damp paper towel over the embroidered area. Touch the iron to the moist paper towel with the iron. The iron’s heat will generate steam, which will heat up and lift any remaining water-soluble stabilizer off the top of the cloth. Continue repositioning the iron until it completely vanishes. Magic! My Panasonic Cordless Iron is fantastic!


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