Nike Vs Adidas, The Battle Is Still On! But Which One Is Better? (2023)

If you are a frequent traveller and you know the importance of good footwear in your life, you will relate to this article and you would want to come to a conclusion in the end. When you think of sneakers for a trip, I am sure the obvious brands that come to your mind are Adidas and Nike. The Nike vs Adidas debate has been going on for a while now. Let’s put some light on the Adidas and Nike businesses and see who actually surpasses the other in terms of various aspects of performance.

Both of them are renowned brands and are the best at what they do. Nike has always been the king of sportswear and sneakers. But, there has been a change in this scenario recently. Let’s dive deep into it and see what changed, our minds or the quality of these brands? And at the end of this Adidas vs Nike battle, who will reign supreme?

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Everyone has a past! These brands too had a starting point. The point where it all began. Where they took their initial steps. Where… okay, sorry!

History Time!


To start with, Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-largest in the world after Nike. The company was started by Adolf Dassler. In 1924 his elder brother, Rudolf Dassler joined him and both opened “The Dassler Brothers Shoe factory”.

Adolf had a strong love for sports and not just one of them. Skiing, soccer, football and boxing were a few of his interests. Since he knew it very well, he knew that every sport is different and that a sportsman faces difficulty because of the same footwear being used in different activities.

That is where he saw a market and his thought process began to make sport-oriented shoes that could improve the performance of athletes.


Later in 1949, both the brothers had a breakdown in their relationship. Adolf created Adidas and Rudolf built PUMA that became the biggest competitor for Adidas at that time. Adidas was named after the initial two letters of Adolf’s name and the first three letters of his second name [AD-DAS]. The logo for Adidas was selected on the basis of the special feature in their shoe. The three stripes were used as a shoe design on the company’s products and also for comfort.

What makes them different was actually their logo! Smart move Adolf! 😉

Nike Vs Adidas, The Battle Is Still On! But Which One Is Better? (2)


Nike is an American multinational company that is the world’s largest athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer and supplier in the market. In 2014, as a brand, it was valued at $19 million and thus it became the number one brand in the sports industry.

Originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) it was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phill Knight who was a University of Oregon track athlete in 1964. BRS later became Nike in 1971. The name was taken from the Greek goddess of victory called NIKE.

The company initially worked as a distributor for a Japanese Shoemaker Onitsuka Tiger. Bowerman made his first pair of shoes for Otis Davis who later went on and won two gold medals in the 1960 Summer Olympics. In the beginning, BRS sold 1300 pair of Japanese running shoes and made a gross amount of $8000.


(Video) ADIDAS vs NIKE | which brand is better? BIG football boot battle with SR4U

But by 1971, the relationship between BRS and Tiger was nearing an end. By then BRS was prepared with their very first line of shoes having the SWOOSH (designed by Carolyn Davidson). In 1977, the agency created its first advertisement called, “There is no finish line”. After that came “Just Do it” which debuted in 1988. Throughout the 1980s it expanded its product line to surround many regions all around the world.

Now, Let’s Talk Performance And Revenues, Shall We?


In 2017, Adidas made an annual revenue of 21 billion euros and a brand value of seven billion US Dollars. In the same year, Adidas employed 56,888 people worldwide and generated 50% of its sales by the foot-wear category which is the most important category for Adidas.

Adidas knows that North America represents 40% of the global market in sport. They know it’s important to be dominant here. This is the reason Adidas is focusing on the North American Market.

“If you want to be the brand, you really want to be, you have to do better in North America.”

– Mark King, President, Adidas North America (Source: CNN)

Adidas is much smaller than Nike, but what makes Adidas different is that it has a good sense of what its customers are looking for and works on it.


It is the most valuable sport brand in the world, especially in North America. For Nike, it is also the main target because of the global revenue generated in 2017. The plus point with Nike is that they have strong marketing and sponsorship agreements to back it. Probably this is the reason, Nike made 30.57 B euros in revenue in 2017.

The difference in revenue wasn’t this huge in 2006. The story was different back then. Though Nike was still leading with 13.44 B euros while Adidas made 10.08 B euros.

Nike in 2015 won the bid against Adidas and officially became the next exclusive provider of uniforms to the NBA. And why not???

Nike Vs Adidas, The Battle Is Still On! But Which One Is Better? (3)

Let The Nike Vs Adidas Begin!


Over the years I have realized that Adidas puts quality over quantity. Customer satisfaction is important for them and probably this is the factor that made me cheat on Nike. Adidas in the past has talked to the athletes and customised footwear according to their preferences and comfort. Awww…

Nike Vs Adidas, The Battle Is Still On! But Which One Is Better? (4)

The game-changing point for Adidas was the innovation of itsY-3 series. Y-3 is not just about re-evaluating sportswear but also redefining material. It uses boost technology in their footwear.

Wondering what boost technology is? Relax, I am coming to the point!

Boost technology is an innovative cushion technology that uses TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) that compresses under pressure. This compression helps in extreme shock absorption and instantly bounces back to its original form. It is believed that the boost technology proffers a more consistent run because of the high energy return. Here are a few footwears by Adidas that made them a strong competitor for Nike in this industry:

Nike earns more in one quarter than Adidas earns in an entire year. But the truth is that Adidas is putting customer satisfaction and innovation at an equal ratio and this is making Nike sweat.

(Video) Nike vs Adidas Ultimate SPEED boot battle - 2021


So where did Nike go wrong?

Nike undoubtedly makes more revenue than Adidas and has captured a large share of the market. Nike went through a shocking point when Kanye West broke up with it and joined hands with Adidas. Well, he is not the only person to do that. James Harden was also lured by Adidas from Nike.

“We ain’t even gonna mention that other company no more, right?”

“We ain’t wearing that other company no more, right?” Kanye asked the crowd.

We all know which the other company is. It’s not like, it cannot be named.

In 2013, Kanye announced that he was leaving Nike and continue working with Adidas. According to him, Nike was not respecting him as a designer and was not giving him creative freedom. He also said in one of his interviews that Nike wasn’t giving him the opportunity to grow and also that Nike is working off an old business model.

After this, Kanye spent 1 month in developingYeezy bootswhich vanished from the store within minutes of their release. The average price was $1500 on resale sites. Guess it was worth it, Kanye!

Customer reviews continue to deteriorate for Nike and there has been no innovation to get us mindblown recently. If the graph becomes stagnant for Nike like this, tables will soon turn in favour of Adidas.

Adidas Revenue Transformation 2015-2020

Nike, Adidas and Puma are the largest footwear companies in the world with an impressive product portfolio. In particular, Nike and Adidas have put in place some effective marketing strategies that have helped the company grow over the years.

Over 2015-2017 it grew its footwear revenue and took over the market. Here are a few key points that will explain the revenue to date:

  • Since 2015, Adidas has added $5.8 B to its total revenues. This lead to average annual growth of 17.6%.
  • Compared to Nike, Adidas went ahead in the race in the past couple of years with the launch of Adidas Neo and Originals in the sport market.
  • In 2018, Adidas spent aggressively in marketing the products. The marketing expenditure for them in 2018 was $3.5 B, which was roughly 14% of their total revenue.
  • In 2019 their annual revenue was $26.477 B which was a2.3% increasefrom the previous year.
  • September 30, 2020, was a declining phase for Adidas where they generated a revenue of $22.631 B, leading to a decline of 12.83%.

Nike Revenue Transformation 2015-2020

Compared to Adidas, Nike exceeded by roughly 50% over recent years. Since 2015, it has been increasing at an average annual rate of 6.5%.

  • Since 2015, Nike has added roughly $6.7 B to total revenue in the market.
  • Nike gave a head to head competition to Adidas by reaching a revenue of $39 B in 2018. This was 50% more than Adidas’s revenue in 2018.
  • The apparel and footwear segment especially led to a rich growth followed by some global trends to increase health awareness.
  • This lead to a huge gap between Nike’s and Adidas’ footwear revenues. As of 2018, Nike’s revenue of $24.2 B was roughly 60% more than that of Adidas’ $15 B.
  • Nike too, like Adidas, dedicated a big marketing expenditure for its products. Around $3.8 B was kept for Nike’s marketing which was approximately 10% of Nike’s total revenues.
  • 2020 brought an economic dip for companies all over the world, and Nike too got a hit from it. Though in 2020, Nike employed over 75,000 people worldwide but the revenue fell 4% due to the impact of COVID-19 on operations. $37.4 billion was their revenue in the fourth quarter. In January 2020, which was before the pandemic had started hitting the businesses, the revenue for them was up by 9%.
  • In 2020, digital sales increased 47 per cent for them.

“In a highly dynamic environment, the NIKE, continues to resonate strongly with consumers all over the world as our digital business accelerates in every market. We are uniquely positioned to grow, and now is the time to build on NIKE’s strengths and distinct capabilities. We are continuing to invest in our biggest opportunities, including a more connected digital marketplace, to extend our leadership and fuel long-term growth.”

John Donahoe, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nike, Inc.

What I Think About This Whole Nike Vs Adidas

I personally think that Nike should be a bit bold towards their fashion. For example, the Undercover X GYAKUSOU running shoe line is amazing and comfortable but it still feels as if it is just a result of altered colourways of existing models. Apart from this, they should let the in-house designers experiment and risk it. Not everything can be planned. I hope Nike has some innovation planned that would make me want to take back the above suggestions.


Lastly,Let’s Just Take A Look At Nike Vs Adidas When It Comes To Celebrity Campaigns

Team Adidas

David Beckham

Adidas launched a Star Wars-themed World Cup campaign featuring David Beckham, Noel Gallagher and Snoop Dogg. The campaign also featured Franz Beckenbauer, Ciara, Jay Baruchel and Daft Punk alongside Star Wars characters Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO and Obi-Wan Kenobi for, The Superstar.

Pharrell Williams

Adidas launched an online campaign to unveil its long-term partnership with music producer and fashion designer Pharrell Williams. The ad starts with William’s feet out on the streets walking backwards and leading to an apartment where he picks up his hat to reveal the sign, “Adidas = Pharrell Williams”.

Novak Djokovic

Novak with the campaign #smashthesilence encouraged his fan base to take part in the social ride about showing their emotions. The part of the campaign was to post a picture on the social media handles with the hashtag.

Team Nike


Okay, so the recent song that Drake has just released (Laugh Now Cry Later) is basically a well made Nike ad. It’s not just an ad, it is a short movie made for promoting the product. This is the level of dedication that an endorser puts in its product promotion. Such promotions have been done in the past too.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slams wearing Nike. So it is pretty much clear that their affiliation is not a new thing. Their partnership with each other has developed over the past 20 years and Federer has been there with Nike. When Tiger Woods represented Nike in golf, Federer acted as their talisman in tennis. This was an association that stretched beyond the sport’s fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo

“Be Fast. Be Mercurial” is the strapline that the campaign uses. Nike released this epic ad that is fun and quirky and encompasses a list of global stars that resonates with any pop music video.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was originally going to sign a deal with Adidas when his mother told him to listen to Nike’s deal first and then make a decision on closing a deal with one of the brands. Nike offered Michael Jordan a $500,000-a-year deal for five years. Not only this, he was offered his own shoe, the Air Jordan. Air Jordans were sold worth $126 million in just its first year. “Jordan has to date made roughly $1.3 billion from the partnership,”Forbes said.

Kobe Bryant (RIP)

Bryant in his time was the best endorser for Nike. Initially, Kobe was an Adidas endorser, but later switched to Nike and stayed with them till the end. Unfortunately, he is no more with us today, but he gave us some memorable spots to remember. He was a part of the campaigns like “All Together Now,” from his 2010 championship run; to the quirky farewell of “The Conductor,” released in 2016 to honour his retirement.Nike after his unfortunate death released a tribute for him too.

Adidas vs Nike debate is like debating with Arnab Goswami, it will never have a closure!

But in the end, the fittest will survive in the market!

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Why is Nike better than Adidas?

Adidas has always managed to keep its audience in consideration to design its products undoubtedly, but Nike has always had an upper hand innovation and design when it comes to the sport market.

(Video) NIKE vs ADIDAS - WHO HAS BETTER SNEAKERS?! (Stadium Goods) | Fung Bros

How is Nike different from Adidas?

I will have to give these marks to Adidas because they tend to keep the customers on the top. Adidas creates products according to their customers need. Undoubtedly, Nike is comfortable but they design the product keeping innovation in mind.

Who makes more money Nike or Adidas?

Looking at the revenue as per 2020, Nike is leading. Adidas, Nike both go head to head and the former has given the latter a tough competition when it comes to fashion as well as sport market. But in the end, it is only money that matters. There is a detailed bifurcation given in the article. Do give it a read and leave your comments below.

Is Adidas high quality?

Adidas not only offers high quality footwear to its customers but also, that are comfortable and durable. It is known because they create products keeping their users in mind. They even have segregated their products according to the needs of the customers and sport the users follow, in mind.

Is Adidas cooler than Nike?

(Video) adidas Predator Malice vs Nike Tiempo - WHICH IS BETTER?

This is exactly what we too are debating about. We haven’t chosen a side yet. Have you? Let us know which is cooler. Till then read what we are confused about.


Which one is better Nike or Adidas? ›

Nike's scale is a big advantage, adidas doesn't even come close. adidas looks cheaper than Nike and has been a better growth story, but there is a reason for Nike's high valuation. Nike is better managed than adidas and has a stronger brand. Nike is a better long-term buy, in my opinion.

What brand is better than Nike? ›

Established in 1949, Adidas is a global brand and Nike's top competitor. Nike vs. Adidas rivalry cuts across different sectors from footwear, apparel, and sports equipment, and accessories.

Which shoes are best for running Nike or Adidas? ›

There is no clear winner when it comes to choosing the best running shoe manufacturer since both Nike and Adidas produce excellent running shoes, which is why they are two of the most prominent sportswear brands on the market.

Why is Nike still popular? ›

To begin with, Nike is the top-selling athletic shoe brand in the world, commanding 48% of the athletic footwear market in the U.S. and 31% globally. So it makes sense that athletic shoe stores would display more of that brand than any other. Simple supply and demand.

Which is cooler Nike or Adidas? ›

Nike is still cooler with teens than Adidas, according to Google's report. Nike is the most cool sports apparel brand and the one they are most aware of. Adidas is less cool and they are less aware of it. But Adidas did edge out Under Armour.

What's cheaper Adidas or Nike? ›

While they both offer high-quality products, there is a significant difference in their pricing. Nike shoes are generally more expensive than Adidas shoes. Nike's premium products, such as the Air Jordan line, can be significantly more expensive than Adidas's flagship products.

Who is Nike's biggest rival? ›

ASICS Corporation is a Japanese company that designs, manufactures and sells footwear and sports equipment. In recent years ASICS running shoes brand is ranked among top footwear brands in the market. ASICS is the top competitor of Nike.

Is Nike still a popular brand? ›

Nike continues to be the dominant brand, referenced as most popular and 92% of checks.

What's more expensive Nike or Adidas? ›

Nike Listed as Most Valuable Apparel Brand at $32.4 Billion; Adidas Ranks 3rd. Nike remains the highest-valued apparel brand in the world, with a valuation of $32.4 billion, according to Brand Finance.

Which quality shoes is best for running? ›

The Best Running Shoes of 2022
  • ASICS GEL-Nimbus 24.
  • Brooks Ghost 15.
  • HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8.
  • Karhu Ikoni.
  • New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v12.
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 26.
  • On Cloudmonster.
  • Saucony Ride 15.
10 Nov 2022

Do athletes prefer Nike or Adidas? ›

One of the reasons these brands are so popular is mostly because of athletes. They buy most of their clothing and shoes compared to non-athletes. 52.38% of athletes would choose Nike over Adidas, and 33.3% would pick Adidas.

Why do people love Adidas? ›

Reasons People Love Adidas Shoes

Adidas equally focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction and takes time to develop new technologies for footwear. In recent years, the brand has come up with the Boost technology for shoes in the Y3 series, which changed the game in the footwear market.

What age buys Nike the most? ›

What demographic buys the most Nike products? Consumers between the ages of 15-40 buy the most Nike products, including sneakers, apparel, and sporting goods.

Where does Nike rank in the world? ›

RankBrandBrand Revenue
10McDonald's$100.2 B
11Toyota$187 B
12Intel$72 B
13NIKE$39.3 B
47 more rows

Which brand is good for sports? ›

Top 10 Sports Brands in India

Indians usually prefer reputed brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, Puma, New Balance, Lotto, etc to buy their sports apparel and other products but many people still stick to the Indian brands that compete with these global giants.

Which brand sports wear is best? ›

Which are the 10 Sportswear Brands we Selected?
  • Nike.
  • Adidas.
  • New Balance.
  • Puma.
  • Converse.
  • Reebok.
  • Under Armour.
  • Lululemon.
7 Oct 2022

Why is Adidas the best brand? ›

Is Adidas high quality? Adidas not only offers high quality footwear to its customers but also, that are comfortable and durable. It is known because they create products keeping their users in mind. They even have segregated their products according to the needs of the customers and sport the users follow, in mind.

Why is Nike better than other brands? ›

What makes Nike unique? Core associations for Nike include: innovative technology, high quality/stylish products, joy and celebration of sports, maximum performance, self-empowerment and inspiring, locally and regionally involved, and globally responsible.

Is Adidas bigger than Nike? ›

Let's start by looking at revenues for the two brands. Nike is the larger business overall and the market leader in the global sports footwear industry with revenues from their footwear of over $24.2 billion in 2018, compared to Adidas footwear revenue of $15 billion.

What makes Nike different from Adidas? ›

Adidas is known for its logo; the 3 Stripes while Nike is known for its logo the Swoosh and the line “Just do it.” 4. The main markets of Adidas are those who are interested in tennis and soccer while the main markets of Nike are those who are into basketball and running.

Who is the No 1 brand in shoes? ›

1. Nike. Nike is an American multinational corporation that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets footwear, clothes, equipment, and accessories in the whole world.

What shoe is most popular? ›

Nike was the most popular footwear brand among teenagers in the United States, according to a survey conducted in february and March 2022. Nike won an overwhelming majority of the vote, 52 percentage points ahead of their closest competitors, Converse, Vans, and adidas.

What is the biggest rivalry ever? ›

10 Best Sports Rivalries of All Time
  • Joe Frazier versus Muhammad Ali. ...
  • Boston Red Sox versus New York Yankees. ...
  • Ohio State versus Michigan. ...
  • Duke versus North Carolina. ...
  • Chris Evert versus Martina Navratilova. ...
  • Arnold Palmer versus Jack Nicklaus. ...
  • Canada versus Russia. ...
  • New Zealand All Blacks versus South Africa Springboks.

Who is the rival of Nike? ›

Nike competitors include adidas, New Balance, Skechers U.S.A., Steve Madden and ASICS America.

Who are the biggest rivals? ›

The 20 biggest football derbies
TeamsDerby nicknamFirst meet
1. Barcelona vs Real MadridEl Clásico1902
2. Celtic F.C. vs Rangers F.C.The Old Firm Derby1888
3. Boca Juniors vs River PlateThe Superclásico1913
4. AC Milan vs Inter MilanDerby della Madonnina (Milan Derby)1909
16 more rows
7 Sept 2022

Is Nike still number one? ›

Nike has ranked as the most valuable apparel brand in the world for a 7th consecutive year according to Brand Finance Apparel 50 report for 2021. Although Nike has been ranked number one, the value of the brand has dropped by 13% to $30.4 billion compared to last year.

What is the most sold Nike? ›

The top-selling athletic sneakers for 2021 (in revenue rank order) are as follows: Nike Air Force 1 Low, Nike Air Max 270, Nike Air Vapormax Plus, Nike Revolution 5, Nike Air Max 97, Adidas NMD R1, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 3, Jordan I High OG, and Jordan XIII.

Is Nike a luxury? ›

Nike, adidas, and Puma can benefit greatly from selling more directly to consumers like luxury brands do but they also have the advantage of a structurally higher online penetration than luxury brands.
Daily Returns: 11/11/2022.
Index LevelDaily Change% Change
16 Jul 2021

How long should Adidas shoes last? ›

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I REPLACE MY RUNNING SHOES. A good rule of thumb is to get new running shoes every 300 to 500 miles, or roughly every four to six months if you average 20 miles per week.

What brand is bigger than Nike? ›

Adidas. With annual revenue of $22.12 billion, Adidas is the biggest competitor of Nike. The brand actively serves across 55 countries via more than 2500 stores worldwide. Founded in 1924 by Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler, the brand is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-largest globally.

Which shoe should I get in 2022? ›

The 14 Best Sneakers of 2022 (So Far)
  • Louis Vuitton x Nike. Air Force 1 Sneaker Created by Virgil Abloh. ...
  • Nike. Hot Step Air TerraDrake NOCTA Sneaker. ...
  • Air Jordan. Why Not? ...
  • Air Jordan. XII Retro Playoffs (2022) ...
  • Nike + Acronym. ...
  • JJJJound x New Balance. ...
  • Marni x Veja. ...
  • Hoka One One x Bodega.
5 Aug 2022

What are the 3 types of running shoes? ›

Your choices are road-running, trail-running or cross-training shoes. 2. Decide if you want more or less cushioning underfoot.

What running shoes are trending right now? ›

The best running shoes
  • Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2. The best thoroughbred race running shoes available today. ...
  • Adidas Adistar. The ideal training shoe for longer, slower runs. ...
  • Hoka One One Bondi X. ...
  • Saucony Endorphin Speed. ...
  • Asics Metaspeed Sky Plus. ...
  • Saucony Endorphin Pro 2. ...
  • Asics GT-2000 9. ...
  • Asics Novablast.
24 Sept 2022

Is Adidas growing faster than Nike? ›

Although, Nike and Adidas have added roughly $7 billion to total since 2015, Adidas's growth has come at a 70% faster rate than Nike. Adidas' growth has been led by its footwear segment which has continued to achieve double digit growth driven by sales increases in sports inspired and sport performance products.

Does Ronaldo prefer Nike or Adidas? ›

Cristiano Ronaldo

As Nike's biggest star, he's been wearing the brand's elite-level Mercurial Superfly 9. Ronaldo has remained committed to Nike's Mercurial line since his earliest days in football, wearing the Vapor 1 in Chrome, in the friendly between Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United that set him on his way.

What are the weaknesses of Adidas? ›

Adidas outsources the production of its products to Far Eastern manufacturers. While this strategy does allow the brand to cut costs, it's one of their major weaknesses. By outsourcing manufacturing processes to third-party suppliers working overseas, Adidas loses some control over how its products are made.

Why do Russians love Adidas? ›

Why do Russians love Adidas? In the 80s, Adidas sportswear gained popularity in the USSR thanks to the Olympics in Moscow and the Olympics in Seoul. The clothes of the Soviet team were made by this company. In the 1990-2000s, Adidas clothing (mostly fakes) was in vogue among gopniks.

Is Nike quality good? ›

So, Are Nikes Good Quality? For a company that generates thousands of mass-produced sneakers, Nike's quality is relatively good. Different releases have differing levels of quality which is not always reflected in their pricing structure.

Is Nike or Adidas older? ›

Adidas is the older of the two rivals and has a fascinating story associated with its beginning. The two Dassler brothers – Adolf and Rudolf – started manufacturing sports shoes in the year 1924.

Is Nike the best selling brand? ›

Nike is the most valuable apparel brand, boasting a brand value of over 30 billion U.S. dollars.

Why does Nike sell out so fast? ›

Not only does Nike intentionally underproduce the shoes to create scarcity and buzz, but automated accounts called “bots” scoop up pairs the instant they're released so that a handful of people can hoard pairs—and then resell them for hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than retail.

What is the most famous brand? ›

Top 10 most recognisable brands
  • Apple (AAPL)
  • Google (GOOGL)
  • Amazon (AMZN)
  • Microsoft (MSFT)
  • Coca-Cola (KO)
  • Samsung (SMSN)
  • Toyota (TSE)
  • Mercedes-Benz (DAIG)

What is the biggest brand in the world 2022? ›

  • Apple holds on to top spot with record valuation.
  • Apple has retained the title of the world's most valuable brand following a 35% increase to US$355.1 billion – the highest brand value ever recorded in the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking.

Which is expensive brand Nike or Adidas? ›

As per the statistical records of 2021, Nike is valued at $30.44 billion and leads the world as the number one brand in the sports business. When it comes to Nike, it is the most valuable sports brand in the world and especially in North America.

What is difference between Nike and Adidas? ›

Nike is a U.S based brand of sportswear while Adidas is German based organization. B-ball and running players are the primary market buyers of Nike while Adidas has fundamental market by the tennis and soccer players.

Is Adidas or Nike more popular worldwide? ›

U.S.-based Nike is the world's leading brand in athletic footwear and apparel, and the world's most valuable clothing brand in general. Nike has a higher global revenue than its main competitors, Adidas and Puma, put together.

What type of people wear Nike? ›

While the brand has a strong focus on marketing to athletes and sports enthusiasts, Nike's strategy has expanded in recent years to attract several specific market segmentations, such as women, young athletes, and runners.

What is the best brand for sports? ›

The 10 Biggest Sportswear Brands in the World 2022
  1. Nike. Worldwide sportswear sales: $44.5 billion. ...
  2. Adidas. Worldwide sportswear sales: $23.5 billion. ...
  3. Puma. Worldwide sportswear sales: $6.2 billion. ...
  4. Under Armour. Worldwide sportswear sales: $4.5 billion. ...
  5. New Balance. ...
  6. Lululemon Athletica. ...
  7. Asics. ...
  8. Columbia Sportswear.
6 Oct 2022

What came first Adidas or Nike? ›

Nike: 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in Oregon. (Officially became Nike in 1978.) Adidas: 1949 by Adolf “Adi” Dassler, who began making shoes in 1920, in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Is Nike Best or Puma? ›

Nike's brand is ranked #7 in the list of Global Top 100 Brands, as rated by customers of Nike. Their current market cap is $222.95B. PUMA's brand is ranked #63 in the list of Global Top 100 Brands, as rated by customers of PUMA. Their current market cap is $15.21B.

Which country wears the most Nike? ›

Although sales in non-U.S. markets have grown considerably over the years, Nike's core market remains the United States, as approximately 40 percent of the company's global revenue was made in this country alone.


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