Not Greece or Japan, but India is the 2nd most popular country to visit (2023)

According to the latest research, India ranks second in the world’s most popular countries that people want to visit, beating popular destinations such as Greece and Japan. Check out the full list below!

A new research, conducted by the agencyBounce, reveals that the most popular destination among tourists is the island nation of Maldives. And the country that clocks in at a close second isIndia! The research, based on elements such as Google searches for flights, hotels and vacations in the last 12 months, has revealed this data, states a press release shared by the agency.

What makes India among the most popular countries to visit

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The data, collected over the course of one year, reveals the top 10 destinations that people want to visit in the world. While the Maldives ranks number one with a record number of 2,457,000 Google searches, India comes in at a close second, with 1,478,300 total searches. The third most popular destination is Singapore, with a total of 1,224,500 Google searches.


What makes these three destinations so popular are, in fact, their contrasting landscapes and the views they offer. While the Maldives is a popular location known for its exotic beaches and beautiful summer weather, India is known for housing some stunning attractions such as the Taj Mahal, Golden Temple and various wellness and yoga retreats. Singapore, on the other hand, is popular as a business destination, and a large chunk of travel here is for trading and investments.

Check out the top 10 most popular countries to visit on a holiday below:

  • Maldives (2,457,000 searches)
  • India (1,478,300 searches)
  • Singapore (1,224,500 searches)
  • Costa Rica (1,067,300 searches)
  • Mexico (1,059,000 searches)
  • Japan (1,051,200 searches)
  • Jamaica (1,021,900 searches)
  • Greece (998,100 searches)
  • Bahamas (957,000 searches)
  • Australia (867,000 searches)

According to the insights, Las Vegas is the most popular city that people like to visit for a holiday, with a total of 9,688,000 Google searches for flights, hotels and holidays. Other cities that top the list are New York, Miami and Dubai.

The Maldives has emerged as a popular travel destination in the last 12 months due to its relaxed rules and comfortable vibe, attracting many Indian tourists as well. India, on the other hand, has had bio-bubble arrangements with several countries, making it an easier place to visit along with its scenic beauty and cultural variety.

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