Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (2023)

Trendy Ways to Style Plain Kurtas. Ladies kurtas or kurtis are a staple in casual desi fashion: consistently worn and admired by South Asian women. Kurtas can be printed, plain, or embellished, made with any type of fabric, and paired with trousers, pants, or shalwars. By using the right trappings, you can easily transform a simple kurta to a fashionable outfit fit as formal-wear.

There’s been a rising trend lately when it comes to kurta fashion, and it’s plain kurtas. Such kurtas are mostly unadorned, made with a plain-colored fabric, like purple silk or white cotton. They can be worn with matching trousers, printed trousers, pants, and much more.

We’ll be taking you through some fantastic styling ideas for plain kurta shirts. These little adjustments will liven up your kurta into a glamorous top fit for parties and weddings. You can then peruse our list of online shops to find the perfect kurti outfit for you.

Pakistani Kurta Designers:

These Pakistani brands and designers have aced their game when it comes to designing kurtis for women. Their collections are highly sought after, their influence reaching to an overseas audience as well.

  • Khaadi: The undisputed champion of branded clothing in Pakistan right now.
  • Asim Jofa: A big name in luxury-wear, you can shop the brand’s products by collection.
  • Orient: Offers premium clothing as both unstitched fabric and ready-to-wear.
  • Al-Karam: Another huge name in the clothing industry like Khaadi, Al-Karam Studio’s summer and winter prints are exquisite.
  • Gul Ahmed: Dreamy designs and mouth-watering silhouettes are the brand’s forte.
  • Maria B: The designer’s exquisite haute couture quickly lead her to carve out a name for her brand.
  • Sana Safinaz: The award-winning duo is renowned for opulent apparel.

Where to Buy Ladies Plain Kurtas Online?

The following are some online stores offering great kurtis from Pakistan:

↓ 22 – What to Wear with a Plain White Kurta?

Plain white kurtas look best when paired with floral or multicolored dupattas, shalwar and kohlapuris.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (1)

↓ 21 – Add a Floral Dupatta

Floral dupattas are a great way to add the X-factor to your plain kurtas and they look best in Spring or Summer seasons.Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (2)

↓ 20 – Matching Plain Kurtas for Couples

If you love twinning with your significant other then wearing matching plain kurtas is the best and of course nothing beats the class and sophistication of a Black kurta for both men and women.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (3)

↓ 19 – Add a Slit to Your Plain Kurta

Here’s some plain kurta inspo from Pakistani celebrity Mehwish Hayat. If you’re getting the kurta stitched yourself, just add a slit in the middle and some buttons. This creates a very different yet casual outfit.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (4)

↓ 18 – How Pakistani Influencers are Styling Plain Kurtas

If there’s any Pakistani influencer you need to look at for plain kurta inspiration, then it’s the nand-bhabi duo of Shehzeen and Sidra as they style simple and plain outfits like no one can. Here we see Sidra wearing a plain blue kurta pajama with Khussas and jhumkis. Sidra’s kurta is by Mehrunnisa and you can find a number of beautiful plain kurta pajamas on their website at a price range of around 5000 PKR.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (5)


And then we have Sidra’s Sister-in-law, Shehzeen Rehman who is known for her effortless and minimalist style. She’s often seen sporting plain kurtas in light colors and she adds her own spark to them with desi jewelry.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (6)

(Video) Look Stylish in Kurtis| 8 Ways To Style Kurti |Gulz_Beauty


↓ 17 – Sana Javed’s Angelic Outfit

When you appear on national television, you have to put your best foot forward. Sana Javed was ethereal in this pretty powder blue kurta outfit that was accented by equally pretty details all over. There’s the all-too-familiar buttoned piping running down her neck and the bottom of her trousers. We personally love the decorations on her dupatta, though. The wide lace is chic and elegant. You can stay updated about the latest celebrity style trends by following theseBest Pakistani Celebrity Snapchat Accounts.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (7)


↓ 16 – Plain Kurta with Statement Sleeves

Another blue hue, this time a bit minty, and a lot more refreshing. It has princess-worthy ruffled sleeves and a triangular white lace running the entire length of the kurta. It is definitely something you can opt for to amp up your plain kurta.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (8)


↓ 15 – With Printed Patiala Shalwar

Transform into a pure Punjabi beauty in this black and red outfit that comprises of a plain kurta and a printed patiala shalwar. Kurtas are normally worn with trousers or pants, so it’s refreshing to see shalwars pop up with them now and again. Flaunt a sheer dupatta with this look. Here are some more Ways to Wear Patiala Salwar for a classy look.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (9)


↓ 14 – Subtle Embroidery on Plain Kurti

This gorgeous tomato-red kurta is peppered with tiny embroidery florals. The net dupatta makes it look super graceful.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (10)


↓ 13 – Paired with Matching Printed Jacket and Palazzo

The easiest way to animate a plain shirt is to wear the rest of the clothing in printed fabric. It makes perfect sense, does it not? Seen here is a short red kurti that is worn with ethnic-printed palazzo pants and a sleeveless mini jacket. The best part is, the print need not match your kurta color in any way. You will witness multiple styles with contrasting down below. The point is, it works wonders. Here, too, the print has very little red in it, but it looks stunning just the same.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (11)


↓ 12 – Plain Kurta Set with Contrasting Chunri Dupatta

Oh, the Bollywood songs that have been written in honor of chunri dupattas! They are an old staple that has made a comeback like many such trends. Old is gold, after all. The key here is to wear a chunri dupatta that adds a color blocking effect to your outfit. This can be done either by wearing a single-colored dupatta, or a multi-colored one. You can play around with the length of your kurta. Long kurtas look just as well as short ones in this styling. Don’t forget to accessorize with jhumka earrings and fancy flat shoes.

(Video) Latest Kurti Designs | Give Old Kurtis a new look WITHOUT SHOPPING!! Minimalist Wardrobe Part 4

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (12)


↓ 11 – Shaista Lodhi’s Take On the Plain Kurta

Morning show host and TV personality Shaista Lodhi was spotted on Yasir Hussain’s After Moon Show a few years back, and her outfit instantly caught the attention of kurta lovers. Just a plain old kurta in the darkest of blues, nothing to see here. Except! Spot the yellow piping with teensy buttons trailing down the sides of her kurta and super-tight trousers! And, as a cherry on top, Shaista aced the contrasting game by wearing spectacular yellow sandals. Masculine silhouettes transformed with a little tweaking for the opposite gender is our new favorite trend. You’ll spot a male-style kurta in this post soon, and you’ll see the appeal!

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (13)


↓ 10 – 2021 Plain Kurta Style

The trendiest style of the year has to be this resplendent pistachio green look! Marvel with us at the sheer brilliance of, well, everything! Let us break it down, shall we?

  • The plain kurta and trouser are made of butter-soft green silk. The natural sheen of the fabric does half the work.
  • The glittering gota work added to the sleeves and hems is aesthetically pleasing.
  • The full-sized organza dupatta adds even more shine.
  • The huge florals on each side of the dupatta are gasp-inducing.
  • Jhumka earrings and high-heels seal the deal.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (14)


↓ 9 – Masculine Style Kurta

You can opt for a more masculine silhouette with a collared and buttoned kurta that has a neutral color. Side pockets will be excellent additions. This type of kurta can be worn to work, and other kinds of formal and informal gatherings. It’s a casual kurta, but the way it has been made makes it look super crisp and businesslike.

Shop the Look:

Outfit Details:

  • The luxurious kurta suit has been constructed from raw silk.
  • The standard size of the kurta is 50 inches.
  • The band collar neckline extends to a button patti that is 16.5 inches long.
  • The suit can be tailored to custom specifications.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (15)


↓ 8 – How to Wear a Plain Kurta to a Wedding

If you’re wondering how to make a plain kurta fashionable enough to wear to a wedding, we just answered your question. Our first suggestion is to choose the material and color of your kurta. The season you’ll be wearing your dress in may help with both. Secondly, find a fancy brocade fabric that matches or contrasts with your kurta perfectly. This will be used to construct the lower part of your outfit, whatever that may be. Organza, masuri and net fabrics make great dupattas. Lastly, you will need jhumka earrings and khussa shoes to complete the look.

Shop the Look:

Outfit Details:

  • This handmade outfit uses pure silk for the top of the outfit and pure brocade for the bottom.
  • Both the garments are lined with soft fabric.
  • Measurements can be customized upon request.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (16)

(Video) Look Stylish and Cool in Kurtis | 9 Kurti with Jeans Outfits


Alternatively, you can also style a plain kurta shalwar with an embellished dupatta (that you can easily steal from your mom’s wardrobe) and some heavy accessories to create a gorgeous Mehndi or dholki outfit – as seen in this look of Pakistani blogger Hira:

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (17)

↓ 7 – Form-fitting Outfit

For a festive-looking, everyday kurta-pants ensemble, you will need something that’s precisely-cut and immaculately stitched. The bubblier the color, the more beautiful it will look. Choose comfy sandals and vibrant earrings to complement the outfit. Whether it’s tailored to your size or loose and deliberately ill-fitting, that is up to you to decide. However, both kurta styles can be pulled off with minimal effort. A breezy and coloful chiffon dupatta will liven up your plain kurta considerably.

Shop the Look:

Outfit Details:

  • This kurti set is made from pink blended cotton material.
  • The lower part of the set comprises of pants.
  • Custom size can either be chosen from a chart or requested.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (18)


↓ 6 – Wear Plain Kurta with Shawl in Winters

This is the first of the two winter looks we’re sharing with you guys. You’ll get an idea on how you can take advantage of plain kurtas in winter. Consider this mustard set that’s been contrasted with a black shawl. The dark color makes the lighter one pop, so there’s trick number one. The second one is to select a shawl that has minimal to moderate designing on it so that when you drape it on your shoulder, it covers you and lifts up your ensemble.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (19)


Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (20)


↓ 5 – Asymmetrical Designer Kurta

Pakistani designers are ahead of their time when it comes to churning out fashionable kurtas for men and women. Who says that kurtas can only be symmetrical and straight? If you’re a risk-taker and make bold fashion choices, why don’t you play around with the shape of a normal kurta silhouette? And you don’t have to stop there! You can experiment with the neckline, sleeves, hem and fit of your ensemble! This gorgeous Sania Maskatiya outfit is the perfect inspiration for how you can make a style statement without leaning towards traditional embellishments.

Shop the Look:

  • Sania Maskatiya’s Raw Silk Asymmetrical Kurta

Outfit Details:

  • It’s made with raw silk.
  • There are stylish ruffles on the sleeves and the neckline.
  • The hemline is asymmetric.
  • The collar has embellishments.
  • It’s paired with tight-fitted pants.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (21)

(Video) Styling ethnic kurta dresses for casual wear | Everyday stylish outfits | TheHopeStory | Hindi


↓ 4 – Matching Coat for Styling in Winter

Are you wondering how to wear plain kurtas in winter without resorting to silks and chiffons and all sorts of paper-thin finery? Try velvet and denim, tweed and wool. Ditch the norm and get a three-piece ensemble stitched. We all worry about freezing in the winter cold, refusing to wear sweaters over our outfits. With a long, pocketed over-coat that matches your kurta-trouser set, you can enjoy the sweater weather and score fashion points at the same time.

Find little ways to make the outfit more charming, like this button detail that extends from the neck down below the chest and the handsome thready hem. The warm brown of the outfit is delicious, so make sure to choose a color that is season-appropriate.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (22)


↓ 3 – Blue Silk Plain Kurta Set

Silk is refreshing when in the form of a kurta. The colors appear shiny and glossy, so even if the shirt is plain, it’s hard to take your eyes off of it. The side slits on the kurta look great when they start just at the curve of the hips. Consider this pretty ensemble in shades of blue. Instead of a trouser made from silk, you can easily wear your favorite pair of denim pants. Go for the ones that are snug as compared with a loose pair.

Shop the Look:

Outfit Details:

  • The kurta set comes with a beautifully printed jacket in ethnic patola print.
  • The kurta is fitted and comes with a back zipper.
  • The pants and jacket are lined.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (23)


↓ 2 – With Cut-sleeve Detailing

There are several handy tricks to make sure your plain kurta is an aesthetic piece you’ll be sure to wear again and again. One thing you can try is to jazz up the sleeves of your kurta. In this instance, you can see that the side sleeves are embroidered with the same color as the kurta, with cut detailing in between. It looks dainty and well-crafted without overshadowing the shirt itself. Wear a matching set of trousers and dupatta and accessorize with minimal jewelry.

This wine-colored kurta can serve as a sophisticated evening-wear if you only know how to pull it off.

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (24)


↓ 1 – Iqra Aziz’s Purple Frock Kurti

Iqra Aziz’s ethnic looks have become a thing of legend. The petite actress has belted out some exquisite outfits over the last couple of years. One of her recent ensembles is this silk frock kurti and trouser set that has won our hearts. The length and subtle flare of the dress complement her stature and hug her figure flatteringly. The collared neck is delightfully modern. But the show-stealers are her sleeves. The puffy sleeves are sharp, yet graceful, reminding us how little it takes to look like a princess. The lack of embellishment only enhances the magnificence of the outfit instead of detracting from it. Iqra Aziz has come a long way in the past few years, have a look at her .

Plain Kurta Outfits - 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women (25)


(Video) 10+ Everyday Kurti outfits for college/Office | Upaasana Lamba

We hope you’ve enjoyed our picks of the trendiest plain kurta outfits. Leave us your positive feedback in the comments below.


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