Rapala Ike's Custom Ink DT Series Crankbaits (2023)

Comments:Reading through the comments, it seems so people don't understand a crankbait made of wood is not a crankbait made of plastic.Each one has slightly different buoyancy, hardness, weight, etc.Bills are not attached to wood as securely as they are to plastic either.The action of each bait is slightly different from one to the next.Those things are what makes wooden baits cost more than plastic baits.If you are using a wooden crankbait and you're smacking it against the water to remove grass then you should expect to break one now and again. There's a reason these are one of the most commonly used crankbaits among pro fishermen and it's not because they smack against the water to knock grass off of them well.

From: Rob - Lewistown, PA 10/23/20

Comments:DT series certainly catch fish for me but they come at a price.I do not find them to be durable.I have had lips pull out, baits split when slapping the water to remove grass or split with a ding on a dock or bridge.I have not experienced the buoyancy issues noted in the other reviews yet.

From: Sean - Spartanburg, SC 10/16/20

Comments:I fish these all the time. Only have rapala and strike king crankbaits. Probably have a box of 40-50 of each. I've only had one I'll break off and it's because I over casted and hit a concrete bridge piling. You absolutely can not slap these on the water or inaccurately cast or they will crack. The trade off is they catch fish like no other. There's a reason Jacob wheeler wins a lot throwing the DT 6 and DT 10.

From:Mike: N.C. 6/27/20

Comments:I used the dt-6 a lot on the lake and it produced fish but my only complaint is that they would crack right behind the bill after a couple of uses.

From:Lane: Virgina 5/14/20

Comments:Have totally given up on the Rapala DT Series (especially the DT 6's) due to their lack of durability. I have had a full compliment of various issues to know that the problems lie with the product and not the user. I still use the Husky Jerks and I certainly miss the DT Thugs; but any shallow cranking in my snag and rock filled local river is now being very successfully fulfilled by some other crankbaits. Fortunately the DT series is still commanding a decent price on eBay so I have a place to jettison my 40 or 50 extra lures which keeps me from disliking them even more.

From: Mike: Aurora, IL 2/3/20

Comments:I also bought 3 DT10 and they all sank so I swapped hooks out to singles and they now float... sucks that it's a crap shoot buying these. Never know if they'll float or not.

From: Michael: Georgia 1/29/20

Comments:Recently purchased 2 DT 6 Demon Rapala baits that sink like a rock. My older DT 6 baits float like they should. I want my DT 6 baits to float. These should be tank tested better.

From: Dennis: Tennessee 1/28/20

Comments:I have used these for the last two years. I absolutely love these crankbaits. I can fish them through tree tops and rarely get hung up. They are my go to crankbaits. I have not experienced the broken bills or splitting that others have complained about. I have bought and used over 30 of these baits.

From: Jimmy: 1/1/19

Comments:Great bait in the winter and spring. Don't slap them on the water they can't take it. Blue back herring and seal on are great on spotted bass

From: Unknown: Hiawassee, GA 12/3/19

Comments:Excellent bait that flat out catches fish. The bill is brittle and will break eventually.

From: Rueben:Natchitoches, LA3/28/19

Comments:This bait is pretty good. Third cast, I caught a 3 pounder. The only downside is that if you try to smack it against the water, the bill WILL break off. It is balsa so this can be expected.

From: Unknown - Nebraska 9/14/18

Comments:Purchased the DT16 and it cracked @ the lip1st time out so I called Rapala and they didn't offer to replace the lure because it must have. Hit Something to break...Arent Crankbaits more effective when reeling it down and letting it glance off of structure to entice strikes? Very disappointed in their response...

From:Joe: Diamond City, AR 7/13/18

Comments:Purchased some DT-6 versions of Demon, Bruised and Mule. I fish waters that have about 2-3ft of visibility. The Demon color on it's first outing was 6 for 6 casts....and the bass in my area don't really react to craw colored baits. It wasn't so much of a "barely" caught fish, but more like the bass were swallowing the entire thing.

I switched to Mule and was getting a fish on every ten or twelve casts. Bruised has not produced for me yet, but I'm sure it will.

Line was #16lb Sunline Super Fluorocarbon.

From: Phil - Houston, TX 5/6/18

Comments: Purchased a DT14 in Disco Shad. Good paint color, and retrieved fine. After first trip fishing this bait in open water, both sides of lure cracked from the bill to the rear hook eyelet. Have 2 more of these and will see how they hold up.

From: Clark: Houston, TX 2/16/18

Comments:I like to throw several brands of cranks. With each brand having their special movement and ability. The DT series of crankbaits certainly have their own special swagger and when the fish are on it, they are really on it. I love the DTs because it is subtle. And by being subtle it works in the early season, summer and fall. It is the only crank series I have that fits in at anytime of year. The DT 6 is the workhorse of my crankbaits. It isn't the most durable crank made but it is a gem. Fish seem to eat that thing when they wont touch other cranks. I always change out the hooks to a #6 gama or mustad triple grip on the rear and a #4 on the fuselage. That is for the DT 6. The other bigger models I seldom upsize the hooks but surly change them. Colors are great.

From: Butch - Champion, OH 10/21/17

Comments:Iv had all of these baits. Just about every color, shape & size & they have performed flawlessly for me. Caught so many fish on these. Amazing crankbaits. Rapala, keep up the good work!

From: Garrett: USA 5/7/16

Comments:Crankin'is at its best in a wind blown environment. And these are one of if not the best cranks to throw into a head wind. Great castability, pick up one and give it a try. Like a bullet.

From: Travis: NC 12/14/15

Comments:These are my favorite crankbaits all year long.

From: Michael: USA 6/29/15

Comments:Great bait and for you lip busters its BALSA you cant slap the water to clean bait off. Glad you wont buy anymore means more for me!!!!

From:Crank Master: NC

Comments:Best crankbait. Been very durable for me. I have NEVER broke a bill fishing. Only one that did break...was bounced off the outboard. Colors hold up great, and its weighted much better than the KVD series. Easier to cast and dives immediately.

From: LA

Comments:its funny to me that all these guys are complaining about bills breaking, i had one break, i smacked it against my trolling motor, but i've never ever had one break from using it, much less from a bass tearing the bill out. i had one that i caught way over a 100 on, i finally lost it to a 30lb gar and besides how long do u want a crankbait to last about two trips and the bill's all chewed up anyway.

From: NC

Comments:I really like this bait. I've used the 6 & 10 a lot this year with great success. Always have one tied on and when the fishing gets tough, these produce when nothing else does. It's saved the day for me on a couple occasions. I've used the same two baits all year and haven't had any durability or breaking issues. I'll be buying more.

From: K.G.

Comments:Balsa cracks at the nose, bill pulls out. Contacted Rapala and they blew me off. Way to may good durable crank baits available to put up with this. The day of disposable crank baits is over. Nice action, nice paint. Break on the first trip. Done with Rapala.

From: Roger: Lafayette, LA

Comments:amazing bait love the Caribbean shad color. they run great and I have caught lots of fish on it

From: Tyler: Titus, AL

Comments: pay no heed to the reviews putting this bait down. this thing rocks,none like it.

From: Joe: PHX, AZ

Comments:first off I'm a huge fan of ike. I figured I would try one. Worst bait ever. Never caught anything on it and the freakin lip busted off. Being 15 I can't afford to fish tourneys and buy crap lures. Don't bother buying this bait get a kvd 1.5 or a 6th sense crush.

Comments: THE BEST OF THE DT SERIES EVER!! the colors on these make a big difference in catching some nice bass!! First day out with the smash color pattern, I boated 9 largemouth bass and one pike!!! Fishing the DT 14 made a big difference for me!! Total weight of 9 bass was 28 lbs. That's really good in michigan!! Thank you IKE for putting these out for rapala!!

From: mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: Got the 10 in blue back herring and it works great in the local lakes, not the best for the river though.

From: Austin: St. Johns River, FL

Comments:Blue Back is the bomb!!!! Sweet color

From: Michael: Albany, GA

Comments:I have used the crankbait for the past 2 months and all I can say is that it will put fish in the boat. I wish Rapala would make the DT 20 in some of the colors. Come on and help us out Rapala.

From: HB: SC

Comments:Bought the DT 10, great bait. Casts well for its size, gets to depth quickly and stays there. Having that extra stinger style hook helps a ton when it comes to catching em, even though all the fish ive had on it wanted the whole bait.By a couple, youll be glad you did.

From: Erik: Land O 10,000

Comments: These baits are the bomb! Doing great with the blue back herring color in the DT-6 just bought the Mardi Gras color can't wait to give it a try! Thanks Ike!!

From: Zach: IN

Comments:The bass love them in a pressured lake, and they get down to depth quickly. The bill is not as strong as I would like, and I changed out the hooks.

From: David: IA

Comments: The Smash and Old School is my favorite. Thank god for the one EWG on the back hook

Comments: Just got my 2 DT-16's in Smash. One has glitter on the back, one doesn't. C'mon Rapala, you're better than that!

From: Kyle: MN

Comments: These are great looking cranks. love me the carribean shad and disco shad. the only bad thing is that the fish inhale them and they can be tough to get unhooked

From: G Man, IA

Comments: These colors look a lot nicer when there actually in front of you. Picked up a couple of these and hoping i have great success with them

Comments: love these colors, and they look like they will produce like crazy, but I really really wish that Rapala included the DT thug, and DT fat 1 and 3 in the Ike's custom ink series of colors, not just the DT 4-16. I mean at least add the DT 20.

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