Top Wholesale Handbags Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA (2022)

Top Wholesale Handbags Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA (1)
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Handbags are more than just a container for personal items – they are fashion statements that elevate and diversify other apparel items. Handbags include both male and female accessories such as crossbody bags, handle bags, or any other fashion-oriented handheld-type bag. They come in a huge range of shapes and sizes and are often designed to accentuate a wardrobe. Wholesale handbag suppliers help bring a plentiful and varied source of handbags to retailers by providing large catalogs of handbag options at discounted wholesale prices. This article will focus on some of the top wholesale handbags suppliers and manufacturers in the USA, so buyers can stay up to date on the latest trends.

What are wholesale suppliers and manufacturers?

Wholesale companies buy large quantities of items, amass diversified inventories of products, and then sell these items in smaller quantities through retail channels. They can sell competing brands (unlike distributors) and often provide wholesale discounts to buyers interested in bulk shipments. Wholesalers differ based on the market they are in; for example, handbag wholesalers organize their products based on style and color and focus less on their functional aspects. Since these bags are easy to produce, some wholesale companies will provide customization services or manufacture the bags themselves. Regardless, wholesalers will provide minimum amounts for purchase and deals on large orders, making them a fantastic source of items at prices much cheaper than retail.

Next, we will highlight some of the top wholesale handbags suppliers and manufacturers in the USA.

Top Wholesale Handbags Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA

Table 1 below contains relevant information on the top wholesale handbags suppliers and manufacturers in the USA, sourced from[1] and[2]. Additional details about each company are included such as the headquarters location, the year founded, wholesale bag options offered, and brief company summaries. Dashes indicate where information was unavailable.

Table 1 – Top Wholesale Handbags Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA

List formed from information from, company websites, and[1] &[2]



Year Founded

Wholesale bag options offered

Dallas, TX


Patterned handbags, embroidered handbags, leather handbags, printed handbags, suede handbags, fur handbags, practical handbags, striped handbags, more

Mezon Handbags


Los Angeles, CA


Fashion handbags, boutique handbags, animal print handbags, clutches, straw bags, rhinestone bags, more

Decatur, AL


Clutches, patterned handbags, slings, seasonal bags, floral handbags, more

LA Showroom

Los Angeles, CA


Brand name handbags, boutique handbags, colored handbags, rainwear handbags, stylized handbags

Ole Accessories

Los Angeles, CA


Hand-stitched bags, beaded bags, tote bags, crossbody bags, rhinestone handbags, makeup bags, coin purses, card cases, wallets

Selini New York

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Wayne, NJ


Fanny packs, crossbody bags, messenger bags, tote bags, cosmetic bags, evening bags

Newark, DE


Waist & chest bags, canvas tote bags, shoulder bags, handle bags, crossbody bags, evening bags, men’s handbags

Los Angeles, CA

Vegan leather bags, crossbody bags, embroidery bags, snakeskin bags, clutches, evening bags, knockoff styles, designer inspired handbags, more

H&D Wholesale

Los Angeles, CA


Rhinestone bags, crossbody bags, denim bags, faux animal skin bags, transparent bags, clutches, straw bags, embroidered bags, plastic bags, faux fur bags, more

Dollar Days


Phoenix, AR


Clutches, wallets, coin purses, cross body purses, over-the-shoulder bags

Dallas Wholesalers

Denton, TX


Coin purses, diaper bags, cross-body bags, designer handbags, wristlets, tote bags, waist packs, more

Choice Handbag

Los Angeles, CA

Fashion handbags, evening bags, wallets, crossbody bags, luggage bags, clutches, belt bags, floral bags, rhinestone bags, animal print bags, leather bags, faux leather bags, more

Wholesale Accessory Market

Hueytown, AL


Cosmetic bags, organizer bags, tote bags, messenger/crossbody bags, duffle bags, wristlets, clutches, themed bags, floral bags, suede bags, faux leather bags, tassel bags, more

Company Summaries, originally a brick-and-mortar store known as J&H Trading Co, is an online wholesale handbag, luggage, wallet, purse, belt, organizer, pocketbook, and accessory supplier. With no minimum orders, a constantly refreshed inventory, and designer items for cheap, is a fantastic source for finding your next bag without breaking the bank. Their headquarters is in Dallas, TX.

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Mezon Handbags is a wholesaler of fashion handbags, apparel, and jewelry based out of Los Angeles, CA. Mezon Handbags does not sell imitations, providing quality bags at wholesale prices supported by excellent customer service. They offer same-day shipping for orders before 12 PM PST and sport numerous sales on competitive/trendy items.

of Decatur, AL is a family-owned business providing quality merchandise such as jewelry, watches, apparel, masks, and accessories for international customers. Offering volume pricing and same-day shipping, Judson & Company has a huge inventory of fashion items at heavily discounted prices. Their handbags are colorful and are made of quality materials, all sold at some of the lowest prices available.

LA Showroom is a premier online wholesale fashion marketplace, with a massive platform that connects designers, apparel manufacturers, and distributors to eager customers. Their website allows buyers to place orders through multiple vendors, giving them access to nearly any fashion item for men, women, and children alike. Anything from the hottest name brands to the most boutique items can be found on LA Showroom, thanks to their deep connections to the Fashion District in Los Angeles.

Ole Accessories (also of Los Angeles, CA) is a wholesale source of fashion jewelry, handbags, glasses, hats, apparel, and other accessories. Their handbag selection is composed of hand-stitched, cutting-edge designs that are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Selini New York is a business-to-business wholesale and eCommerce company based out of Wayne, NJ. Selini New York specializes in menswear and accessories but also has an extensive selection of quality-made products for city-dwellers and high-fashion customers. Their handbag selection suits any mood and style, and are perfect for any man, woman, or child looking for their next bag. is a wholesaler of cheap clothing, jewelry, accessories, bags, shoes, home & garden, wedding fashion, and other items. Their online wholesale market has over 100,000 non-repeating products, all sold at the lowest possible cost and inspected for quality assurance. Their dedication to cost savings and strict quality control makes a unique and welcome addition to this list. Their headquarters is in Newark, DE. is a wholesale supplier of handbags, designer items, knockoff brands, evening bags, clutches, belts, and much more. With a huge list of keywords to select when choosing a handbag, is one of the most all-encompassing handbag suppliers available to buyers. They provide free shipping on orders over $500 from their headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

H&D Wholesale is a jewelry and accessories wholesaler carrying top-quality boutique accessories. Also located in Los Angeles, H&D wholesale specializes in the import and export of the latest products in the fashion industry. Their catalogs include both basic and exotic options meant for any occasion, all sold at competitive wholesale prices. They offer $100 minimum orders and quick shipping from their site.

Dollar Days is a wholesale supplier of various products for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. Their extensive catalog includes nearly every kind of item needed for everyday life, including a list of handbags and backpacks for both men and women. Their headquarters is in Phoenix, AR.

Dallas Wholesalers is a premier wholesaler of luggage and handbag items for small businesses, individuals, schools, churches, and non-profits. Their online store has over 4000 bag products to choose from, all sold at the lowest prices possible. They are headquartered in Denton, TX.

Choice Handbag is a reliable online wholesale handbag distributor based out of Los Angeles, CA. they own the latest styles of handbags and related items, most of which are exclusively designed for their catalog and sold at great discounts. Their handbags are fashion-oriented and offered in many materials, sizes, and colors, and are perfect for occasions big and small.

Wholesale Accessory Market is a dedicated wholesaler for boutique retailers. Despite only having two employees, Wholesale Accessory Market has a wide range of boutique items for every holiday, season, sport, and small business need. Their handbag catalog is sold in a variety of styles and can be special ordered based on availability. Their headquarters resides in Hueytown, AL.


This article summarized the top wholesale handbags suppliers and manufacturers in the USA. We hope this information has been helpful to you in your supplier search. To learn more about these companies, or to make your own custom list of suppliers, feel free to visit Thomas Supplier Discovery where we have over 85 handbag suppliers listed.


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Who are the target audience for handbags? ›

The female of age group ranging 15-64 years is the main consumer of the handbags market, with the gender demographics portraying the share of the female population of more than 50% in this age group, globally, accounting for the potential consumers of the market.

Where can I buy quality bags online? ›

The Philippine fashion scene is brimming with fresh talents and innovative minds.
18 Online Stores Where You Can Buy Locally Made Bags
  • Akaba. ...
  • Beatriz Accessories. ...
  • Woven PH. ...
  • Aranaz. ...
  • Nomadic Tendencies. ...
  • Ilha Philippines. ...
  • Inne Studios. ...
  • Bags by Rubber Tree Design Studio.
Jun 30, 2019

Which leather is best for bags? ›

When purchasing a leather handbag, cowhide leather is considered to be the highest quality material available. Not only is cowhide leather extremely durable, but it also looks aesthetically appealing. When you touch cow skin leather, you should be able to feel the roughness.

What is the most famous brand of handbag in the world? ›

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton stands for many different things nowadays, but their exquisite leather goods made this label the world's most valuable brand in the luxury business for six years in a row.

How do you sell bags effectively? ›

You might also offer bags to people attending high-profile fashion show and similar events. If you have a store, try advertising in local circulars and magazines and offering discounts to customers who bring their friends. Keep your storefront attractive and ensure the handbags are visible from the street.

How do you sell a bag to a customer? ›

6 Easy Steps to Choosing a Reseller to Sell Your Pre-Owned Designer Bags
  1. Look for Solid Reputation and Good Customer Service. ...
  2. Check for a Clear Commission Structure. ...
  3. Inspect Their Listings and Photos for Quality. ...
  4. Make Sure They Offer an Online Consignor Account. ...
  5. Be Wary of Heavy Discounts and Promotions.
Jun 6, 2020

How do you market a bag? ›

Take a photo of a scarf that would complement one of your larger handbags well. Write a short description about how well these items go together. Provide the website for the shoe or scarf company underneath the product description. Exchange photos of your handbags with the other companies you're working with.

What is the most popular handbag for 2022? ›

  • Louis Vuitton. Neverfull Tote Epi Leather MM. $2,415. ...
  • Prada. Tessuto Bag. $1,275. ...
  • Balenciaga. City Bag. $1,110. ...
  • Louis Vuitton. Noé $698. ...
  • Gucci. Jackie Vintage Bag. $895. ...
  • Dior. Lady Dior Bag Cannage Quilt Patent Medium. $2,740. ...
  • Louis Vuitton. Epi Jacquard Alma BB Black. $1,995.
Jun 13, 2022

What is the number 1 luxury brand? ›

Luxury & Premium 50 2021 Ranking
33Louis Vuitton
21 more rows

What is the difference between a handbag and a shoulder bag? ›

A shoulder bag—also often called a handbag—will almost always include inside pockets, zippered and otherwise. On the other hand, many tote bags are just a single open carry-all space.

What is an arm bag? ›

Dibeister sport arm bag (M / 17) is a reflective, waterproof and sweat proof adjustable arm strap, suitable for iPhone, Samsung, LG and other mobile phones. For mobile phones up to 6.0 inches in size.

What can you find in a woman's handbag? ›

Here are 18 things you are sure to find in girls handbag.
  • Old receipts for shopping sprees. We tend to stuff these in our bags rather than toss them in the dustbin. ...
  • Perfume. ...
  • A Red Lipstick. ...
  • Hand sanitizer. ...
  • Candy. ...
  • Mints and chewing gums. ...
  • Kajal. ...
  • Blush on.
Jan 29, 2015

Which is the best bag brands in India? ›

List of 10 Best Handbag Brands in India in 2022
  • Baggit.
  • Mango.
  • Wildcraft.
  • Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Allen Solly.
  • Lavie.
  • Hidesign.
  • Da Milano.
Jun 6, 2022

Is Coach a luxury brand? ›

After considering all these details and important factors about the Coach brand, we see Coach as a mid-range, accessible luxury brand, not a true luxury brand in the upper echelon of premium brands.

Which country is famous for handbags? ›

In 2020, China was the leading exporter of travel goods and handbags to the rest of the world, with an export value of around 20.8 billion U.S. dollars. France, ranked second, exported approximately 8.2 billion U.S. dollars worth of travel goods and handbags that year.

Why Gucci bag is expensive? ›

Gucci's material choice, rare elements of design, and quality of production reflect into high-quality products and beautiful accessories, of high desirability. This is what allows the brand to charge high prices and establish additional value to its customers.


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