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If you want superior WooCommerce website design, look no further. FreshySites has been offering professional web design since 2011. With over 300 five-star reviews on Google, we pride ourselves in making customer satisfaction a priority. Our innovative approach to serving clients means that they get the results that they desire. If you are looking for WooCommerce web design experts, you have come to the right place.

Fast and efficient WooCommerce web design

At FreshySites, we always work to the best standards of quality with industry-leading turnaround times. We provide fast WooCommerce web design services aimed at getting your store up and running as soon as possible and utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce best practices. At FreshySites – Website Design we focus on performance, speed, and top-notch customer support after the site goes live.

Our WooCommerce website design services start with the assignment of an project manager for your project. Your project manager is the bridge to our design and development team. He or she is there to take your requirements and work with our team of website designers and developers to make sure the website turns out just right. The project manager helps translate design and technical requirements so that you don’t have to. Every project manager at FreshySites – Website Design has a deep experience with WordPress and WooCoomerce.

Our developers, designers, engineers, and support personnel work together to ensure your WooCommerce site is always up and running correctly. At FreshySites – Website Design, our entire team is working for you.

Responsive WooCommerce website design

You want your site to work as smoothly on mobile devices as it does on a desktop or laptop. Our experience in WooCommerce website design pays off if mobile responsive designs are what you’re after.

Our WooCommerce web design services allow you to access best-in-class techniques for mobile optimization and responsive design standards. It does not end with mobile optimization, either. Our WooCommerce website design company gives you the ability to think outside the box and create a unique WooCommerce installation, unlike any other. There are no cookie-cutter designs here. Our talented designers and technicians can give your vision life while managing your project to its conclusion quickly and efficiently.

Expert WooCommerce website developers

FreshySites was founded in 2011 and has been providing WooCommerce website design services since our inception. Our team members have completed over 2,200 projects. FreshySites focuses on WordPress and WooCommerce web design. The WordPress platform meshes with the WooCommerce, which provides the ability to sell products through your website. It scales easily with your business since you can begin with the base version of the plug-in and add more features as your business grows.Our team will review your requirements and build you the WooCommerce site of your dreams. We can provide you with everything you need, from the basic WordPress web design to hosting and support for your new online WooCommerce store.

Top WooCommerce web design services

With over 2,200 projects under our belt as a WooCommerce web design company, we have learned a few things along the way. That’s why we think hiring us as your WooCommerce website design company makes a lot of sense for your business. We have loads of experience, and that means we have already learned from other installations. We are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to WooCommerce website design. Your site will be unique, just like your business.

Over 300 5-star Google reviewers attest to the excellence of our designs, from simple to complex and everything in between. We will build you the e-commerce store you’ve been imagining, fit to sell your products to the world.

Ongoing WooCommerce website support

Our WooCommerce website design services do not end with your initial build-out. We are committed to providing you with top-notch customer support and maintenance. We can offer you WordPress web design services as well. This allows your entire site to work seamlessly from landing page to blog to sale. Your customers will not be able to tell where the main WordPress site ends and the WooCommerce site begins.

We handle full managed WooCommerce hosting, backups, and security — this way, you can make sure that all the puzzle’s technical pieces are maintained so that you experience maximum uptime and performance for your website. Hosting through FreshySites allows us to maintain the infrastructure and provide extra security for your data. FreshySites is far more than just a WooCommerce web design company.

We also provide search engine optimization (SEO) services for WooCommerce. SEO is what gets your site noticed when potential customers search for your products or services on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. We work to get you to page one of the search results without expensive advertising. Put your new WooCommerce site at the searchers’ fingertips with our SEO services.

We understand that we will not be successful unless you are successful. Our WooCommerce customer support team has unparalleled response times and is there when your customers need them. This is just one more way that we can service your WooCommerce website. Your WooCommerce web design needs are our priority. Your Account Manager will make sure that you are fully satisfied with the WooCommerce website that we build for you or your organization.

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I am very proud to highly recommend FreshySites! The entire team is fantastic! So wonderful to work with, professional, response time is quick and knowledgeable every step of the way! My project manager, Mark, is so personable and efficient that I literally looked forward to our communications together!We had fun putting the site together!

Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor Coaching

The FreshySites team was a real pleasure to deal with. They were responsive, creative, and flexible. A particular shout-out to Kelsey Moore, who was extremely friendly and managed the project very professionally…an absolute rock star! Highly recommend FreshySites to anyone looking to design a new WordPress website!

Patrick Little

TextOre, Inc.

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